Well here we are!

This is the first post of our new Keystone web blog.  We thought we would venture out into the Web 2.0 world and try our hand at blogging.

 The goal of this blog is to share information about what Keystone is up to such as new neighborhoods, company events, and community outreach.

 This is also a great way for us to communicate some of the knowledge we have on what to expect with the home buying experience – or for those of you who have already purchased a new home – how to maintain your investment. 

  As we come across information that we think would be helpful we’ll be sure to make you the first to know!  So why not start right now?  One of the most challenging aspects of  buying a new home is the financing.  Financing a home does not have to be as scary as it sounds.  On our web site (buildkeystone.com) we have a mortgage calculator that will help you get an idea about monthly payments.  We also recommend the following two sites that have a great deal of information about your overall finances as well as financing a new home.



Well that was our first official post! Not too bad for a bunch of homebuilders 🙂  Check back with us soon!

-Your Keystone Team        

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