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Preview Night

June 20, 2007

If you drop by Keystone on a Tuesday night you might mistake the local home building office for the set of a new home makeover program on TLC.  Keystone recently introduced Preview Night every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm for current and potential home buyers to get a sneak peek at all the selections available for their new home.  Visitors to Preview Night have a chance to meet with Keystone’s Design Consultant who helps them stay up on the latest design trends and to weigh in on those tricky color selections.  A builder is also on hand for any construction related questions.

Home buyers can choose from flooring options to countertops, lighting fixtures to paint colors, exterior doors to faucets, and a host of other selections to help personalize the home. 

In this day of do-it-yourself home design, many buyers struggle with installing options up front or waiting until after the home closes to adding in those extra touches. 

“There is always the option of running up to Lowe’s or Home Depot after closing to begin doing this work yourself,” says Marjorie Kilchenstein, Keystone’s Design Consultant.  “What we try to do is educate the customer about the benefits of making these selections up front and help tailor the home to meet their lifestyle.”

Kilchenstein says most homeowners are surprised to learn about the price benefits that come with making their selections during the construction process.

“When you purchase options through our Design Studio that price includes any parts or labor involved in the change.  The price can be rolled into your mortgage which spreads the cost out over 15 or 30 years.”

Another benefit Keystone touts with the Design Studio is having all your options complete by closing.  It helps to prevent any damage to the home caused by changes made after move that require moving furniture or installation equipment.

Preview Night is open to the public whether they have signed a contract with Keystone or not.  Staff is on hand to answer any questions about Keystone products, the home buying process, and how to begin building a home.  For more information visit Keystone’s web site at