End of Summer Update

With school back in,  summer is officially coming to a close.  Although it’s safe to say you wouldn’t know it from the temperatures outside.

Keystone has had a busy summer with many productive discussions and changes to make us more efficient as a company so we can deliver the ultimate in customer service and construction.

 One way we are able to improve is based on your feedback.  After closing, you will be sent a postcard that asks “Would you recommend Keystone to a friend or family member?”  It then asks for contact information if you wish to be contacted for further discussion.  The information gathered through these surveys is invaluable.  Your experiences, expectations, and feedback allow us to see where our systems are working well and where they can be improved.  Please take the time to fill this card out and let us know how your home buying experience went.  It will make a difference.

 This summer also afforded us the opportunity to become involved with Heritage Academy and what an honor that has been.  Beside monetary support we were able to send a team one Saturday to help paint the stairwells in the new building.  We were graciously invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony and were blown away by the community support for this organization and the impact they are having on our area’s children.  We encourage all of you to learn more about Heritage Academy and organizations like it that strive to make a difference in our community.

 If you’ve caught any of the news over the last few months you’re sure to have heard about the state of the current mortgage and housing market.  While these industries are going through some changes housing is still one of the best investments you can make.  Our markets are particuarly strong and offer much in the way of affordability and quality.  There are plenty of lending opportunities available and homes to choose from.  Keystone offers an unparalleled homebuying experience and we are here to answer any questions you may have. 

 One way of utilizing our knowledge base is through this web site and our contact us page.  We now have a dedicated staff member to answer your emails and respond to any inquiries through the contact us page found on our site.  Don’t hesitate to talk with us about any questions or concerns you may have.

 Well that is it for right now.  Have a great August and stay cool!

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