It’s Still a Great Time to Buy a Home!

If you’ve been watching the news over the last few months you are well aware of the difficulties the housing and financing industries are facing these days.


At Keystone, we want to assure you that this is still a great time to buy a home!


The housing market is returning to normal.  The last five years have been ones of tremendous growth in some markets.  Most of the Southern states did not experience the highs of the past five years and are fortunately not experiencing the lows now. 

So what does that mean for you?  Where most of the bad housing news is coming from are from markets in California, New York, and Florida.  Georgia and South Carolina are still healthy markets for buying and selling homes.


The housing market is a cyclical market. It will have its ups and its downs. However, the economy is doing well, new jobs are being added to the area, and the demand for quality housing is high.  It is a great time to buy a home!


Here at Keystone we are adding on new neighborhoods!  Recently we acquired Ashbrooke in Grovetown, GA, we began construction in Bristol Station which is in Aiken, SC, and have two new neighborhoods coming to the Sage Creek Master Planned Community in Graniteville, SC.

Contact Keystone today for more information on finding the right home for you and to answer any questions you may have about buying or financing a home.

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