Builder 20

Last week a group of 16 CEO’s of various home building companies across the country descended on our fair city to observe Keystone’s staff and processes.

 These professionals are part of a group known as “Builder 20”.  Builder 20 groups are organized by the National Home Builders Association with the purpose of serving as a Board of Directors for each organization and striving to learn from the experiences of other home builders in different markets.

 The week consisted of Builder 20 business meetings in the morning, followed by tours of Keystone neighborhoods and meetings with personnel in all areas of the company.  The group of business leaders were full of questions, continually asking “why” and “what if”.  These questions were beneficial for Keystone, causing its employees to explain the reasoning behind thier methods and practices. 

 Over and over again the Builder 20 members commented on the strength of the Aiken/Augusta market and their wish that their home markets were faring as well.  Despite what you hear on national news, our local market is holding strong and offers great opportunities for those looking to purchase a new home.

 By the end of the week we were all exhausted – but grateful for the visit, advice, and compliments.  Keystone continues to work very hard to be on the cutting edge of home design, quality construction, technology, and customer service.  The hard work and dedication is paying off as Keystone continues to have one of its best years ever.

 The rumors are true – it is a buyers market.  Today is a great day to buy a home! Your buying power will never be stronger than it is today.

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