Mortgage Rates Hit Historic Lows

With the federal government trying to bolster the home building market and overall economy, now is an amazing time to buy or refinance a home.  Mortgage rates are at historic lows and won’t be getting better than this.  It is possible to qualify for as low as 5% on a 30 year mortgage or 4.6% on a 15 year mortgage.

 If you are considering refinancing, visit our web site and apply online at Keystone Home Mortgage.

 If you are interested in jumping on this opportunity to buy a new home, visit our web site to see all of the many home options available.

 Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take advantage of the new rates and build your dream home today!

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One Comment on “Mortgage Rates Hit Historic Lows”

  1. Michael Balbin Says:

    Keystone is right on the dot. From the Neighborhood manager and associate, information is clear and very informative to the vice president that handles mortgages. Manager and associate are very open to anything and accomodative. It’s a great time to buy, as a first time home owner what an experience.! All is great! All I can say this LLC (home builder) is right with their mission statement and I have no camplaints. They are very thoughtful, considerate and kind and always willing to help buyers and homeowners on all the details of their needs. Therefore, visit Keystone Homes, their homes, community and location are great and the customer relations are as well too. Great quality assurance team that delivers promptness and thoughthfulness as a community servant! Its a great time to buy! We went through Keystone Home Mortgage and processing is as fluent as you can imagine! Overall, I will give keystone homes 9.5 rating out of 10. Take care and I hope you will consider Keystone Homes LLC as your first choice!

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