Your feedback wanted!

Our goal at Keystone is to build quality homes of lasting value for our home buyers.  The question we often find ourselves asking is what do our home owners see as valuable?  Lifestyles, wants and needs, are ever changing and we want to make sure our homes are meeting the needs of today’s buyers.

 Just as an example….fireplaces….are they something you really want in a home? Or is there something else that you would rather see?   Any and all ideas are welcome!  Please keep in mind that adding too many features of the home will raise the price.  What we are looking for are ways to improve our homes while maximizing their affordability.

 I look forward to your comments!

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2 Comments on “Your feedback wanted!”

  1. Rusty Says:

    The Wife & I really found your houses appealing & really liked the show home you offered in riverstone but was disappointed to find out you had a agreement on it.
    What is an agreement is this a hand shake or a contract never heard it put in those words ? Was also was more disappointed when we was told Saturday we could make a second or back up agreement on monday because nothing would be done over the weekend. WRONG
    Realitor went straight to office monday & submitted agreement- contract-?
    Did not even get to put our purposal in, maybe I misunderstood is this like first right of refusal contract or was house sold with adjustments to be made in -agreement.
    Need to explain your terminolgy better to clients if your going to rewrite the realistate books. Felt like I had been to a network marketing -amway meeting. Maybe your sellers should be on commission and they would be more interested in numbers & offers.

  2. Ryan Says:

    We chose not to have the fireplace because it limited the number of options for the furniture and tv arrangement in the living room. I am much happier with the way it turned out, and we never used our old fireplace plus it’s often warm enough here you don’t need one. Furthermore, Keystone allowed us to take the money from the fireplace and put it towards a brick front, which helped to distinguish our home a little more from the neighbors as well as cutting down on maintenance to cleaning vinyl siding. I thought that was a good trade, and the living room looks a good bit better with the tv in it’s current location.

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