Green Building?

Everything seems to be going “green” lately – from cars to appliances to homes.  Keystone offers several features that are good for the environment and great for you. 

Keystone installs low “e” windows in all of its homes.  Keystone also prides itself on clean job sites and as little material waste as possible.  In the Keystone Design Studio you can choose from “green” carpet samples – made out of recycled material. 

And while these are just a few things that Keystone offers – what is of the most importance to you?  Where do you see the balance between environmental health and affordability?

Leave a comment – we’d like to hear what you think!

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2 Comments on “Green Building?”

  1. Georgiagrl228 Says:

    I’m all for helping out the environment but can’t afford to pay extra to do so. If options are there at the same price, I’d consider it.

  2. Ryan Says:

    Yeah, the upgrades can be quite expensive and you also have to pay up front for anything over a certain dollar amount ($5000 was the limit at the time we bought ours). I’d get only what you can afford and feel would be best the first time around, no need to make that mortgage payment go through the roof. Keep in mind you can always replace and upgrade later on.

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