How are you coping with changes in the economy?

We’re all feeling first hand the effects of an adjusting economy.  Gas prices continue to rise and along with them – most of our food products.  Listed below are some ways to save at the grocery store.  I’m interested to see what changes you and your family are making.  Post some money saving tips or ways you are weathering the recession.

1.  Choosing generic or house brands can help you save up to 40% over brand name products.

2.  Shop early in the day and alone. You’ll be less likely to give in to impulse buys or distractions.

3.  Avoid purchasing non-grocery items such as toothpaste, contact solution, etc.  It may be convenient but it will cost more than purchasing at a drug store.

4.  Plan meals around items that are already in your pantry.

5. The most expensive items are placed on middle shelves at eye level. Look up and down for better savings.

6. Use coupons only on items you were going to buy anyway.

Some good news in the midst of all this economic turmoil is the net worth you build when you own a home.  Interest rates are at historic lows and home prices have dropped significantly.  Despite all the bad news out there, this is actually the best time to buy a home.  It’s a safe long-term investment.

Visit to learn more.  Don’t forget to post your money saving tips!

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