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Building Keystone, Building Green

August 21, 2008

Keystone prides itself on building affordable, quality homes.  That philosophy led to using the best products available for both you, and the environment.  These days people are calling it “Green”.  We like to think of it more as just good sense.  Here are a few of the ways building with Keystone ensures a well built home that is both people and environmentally friendly.



Low E Energy Star Windows – .35 UV Rating

Recyclable Shaw Carpet

Energy Star rated dishwasher by Whirlpool

Energy Star rated Water Heater

Insulation that meets the 2004 IRC (R-30 in ceiling, R-13 in walls)

Covered exterior doors

Carbon monoxide detectors in homes with gas utilities

Smoke detectors throughout the home

House Wrap and OSB to prevent moisture

Tight construction for more efficient homes

Programmable thermostats

Detailed, efficient estimates of homes to reduce landfill waste

Right sized HVAC equipment

Caulking and Sealing around windows, doors, and baseboards

13 SEER A/C unit

Manufactured floor beams

On site tree preservation where possible

Insulated exterior doors

Energy Star ceiling fans

Low flow shower heads and toilets

MPI (Master Painters Institute) Green Performance standard paint